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Range Catalogue 2011/2012
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Faster from start to perfect finish.

The abrasives range.

The complete range for innovative abrasives: Years of experience combined with the latest technologies.

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Bosch: Focusing on speed.

The diamond accessory range.

Diamond cutting, diamond grinding, diamond drilling

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Unbeatable break resistance: Bosch Diamond Impacts

NEW! Over 9 times longer lifetime than standard impact screwdriver bits when working with impact drivers.

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Speedy, speedier, Speed X

NEW! The SDS-max drill bit

Speed X: unbeatably fast and durable.

SDS-max chisels are self-sharpening for a constantly high material removal rate.

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The fastest holesaw for drywall drilling

NEW! Speed for Multi Construction holesaws. Ideal for drywall, masonry and wood. With Easy Plug Removal technology for easy removal of the piece of drilled material.

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Dry and Clean Drilling in all Tiles

NEW! Self-cooling diamond drill bits and cutters for drills and angle grinders.

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New! Unique in the world: Joints out, tiles off, mortar away – all with one accessory

Accessories range for multi-cutter power tools. Offers solutions for all applications. Fits all conventional machines.

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Powerful drilling in hard tiles. The diamond drilling system from Bosch.

NEW! Diamond drill bits and holesaws with centring aid and water cooling for drilling precise, clean holes.

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