The Power of a #StarlockMoment

Satisfaction, pride, and even surprise are just a few overwhelming emotions that sum up a #StarlockMoment, thanks to the versatility, precision, efficiency and power of the new Starlock range.

Experience your very own #StarlockMoment – try the new Starlock range by Bosch.

More Versatile than ever before

With 48 blades, the new Starlock range has an efficient,
powerful solution for every job.

Unbeatable versatility and multiple applications

Discover the wide range of applications offered by the new Starlock range.

Only Starlock fits all

The standardised three-dimensional Starlock Snap-In mounting system provides users with a consistent approach for multi-tools

Compatible with the following tools:
Starlock, StarlockPlus, StarlockMax

Bosch: GOP 12V-28, GOP 18V-28, GOP 30-28, GOP 40-30, GOP 55-36, GOP 10.8 V-Li, PMF 220 CE, PMF 250 CES, PMF 350 CES

Fein: AFMT 12 SL, AFMT 12 QSL, AFMM 18 QSL, FMT 250 SL, FMM 350 QSL, FMT 250 QSL, MultiMaster, Multitalent, AFSC 18 QSL, AFSC 18CSL, FSC 500 QSL

Others: Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, Milwaukee, AEG, Einhell, Ryobi, Skil, Bosch GOP / PMF with OIS, etc

Compatible with the following tools:
StarlockPlus, StarlockMax

Bosch: GOP 30-28, GOP 18V-28, PMF 350 CES, GOP 55-36, GOP 40-30

Fein: AFMT 12 SL, AFMT 12 QSL, AFMM 18 QSL, FMT 250 SL, FMT 250 QSL, FMM 350 QSL, AFSC 18 QSL, AFSC 18QCSL, FSC 500 QSL, Multimaster, Multitalent

Compatible with the following tools:

Bosch: GOP 55-36


Unique color coding system

This handy guide will help you select the right blade for the right material.


Wood & Metal


Grout & abrasive


Features that will inspire your #StarlockMoment

48 blades offer the widest variety of applications

Curved-Tec with rounded cutting edges for precise cuts

MetalMax blades with Carbide teeth for 30x longer lifetime

Snap-In function for accessory change in under three seconds

No machine overloading, so no damaged tools

3D interface offers 100% power transition between tool and accessory

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