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Bosch Power Tools
Color scheme

Why green and blue?

How the typical brand colors have developed

Portrait of Dietrich Kuhlgatz, Head of Historical Communications at Bosch, against a white background and a historical drill driver hanging from the ceiling next to him.

What does a "Red Panther" have to do with Bosch Power Tools and how is it that we manufacture green and blue power tools today? Dietrich Kuhlgatz, Head of Historical Communication, gets to the bottom of these questions.

Collage with ten historical magazine covers showing the variety of colors used in the past.

Silver, black, turquoise, green, red – the first Bosch power tools resembled a rainbow. Tracing the color scheme, it turns out that around 80 years ago, heavy construction equipment still wore the color of their metallic housing, namely silver. Small, lightweight power tools such as drills and screwdrivers, on the other hand, often had plastic housings in different colors. Dietrich Kuhlgatz explains when and why the variety of colors finally came to an end and two product lines for DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople could be distinguished.


A look at the archives quickly reveals that our power tools initially came in a wide range of colors. The development of plastic housings in the 1960s made this possible. Only since the 1970s have Bosch Power Tools power tools been strictly separated according to the two brand colors – green and blue.