Manufacturer's warranty

(Applicable from 1st March 2020)

All Bosch power tools, pneumatic tools, measuring tools and garden tools are carefully checked, tested and are subject to the stringent controls of Bosch Quality Assurance. Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, Max-Lang-Straße 40–46, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany (hereinafter referred to as "Bosch" or "we") therefore offers a warranty for Bosch power tools, pneumatic tools, measuring tools, garden tools and all electrically operated products (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Tool") in accordance with the following conditions. The buyer's warranty claims based on their sales contract with the seller, including their statutory rights, shall not be affected by this warranty.

1. We provide a warranty for a period of two years in accordance with the following provisions for any defects on the Tool if it can be verified that the defects were caused by a material or manufacturing fault within the warranty period. A warranty period of twelve months applies to Tools which are used for commercial, professional or similar purposes. The warranty period begins from the time the Tool is purchased from new. The starting date is the date on the original sales receipt.

2. You can extend the warranty to a total of three years (with the exception of high-frequency tools, industrial cordless screwdrivers, pneumatic tools, battery packs and chargers). To do this, you need to register online as described below within four weeks of purchasing the Tool:

▪ You can only register on the following websites:, if it is a Tool for DIY enthusiasts, or, if it is a Tool for professionals. You can only register if you agree to us storing the data you enter.

▪ In order to register within the named period, you will need the invoice or receipt from the seller from whom you acquired the Tool. You should therefore keep the original sales receipt.

▪ After registration is complete, you will receive a certificate. This certificate is also needed to exercise the warranty and should be printed out straightaway and kept safely.

3. The warranty does not cover:

▪ Accessories;

▪ Demonstration models;

▪ Parts that are subject to wear caused by use or other natural wear and defects on the Tool caused by use or other natural wear;

▪ Defects on the Tool caused by non-compliance with the operating instructions, improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, inappropriate operating conditions, overload or insufficient servicing or maintenance;

▪ Defects on the Tool caused by the use of accessories and supplementary or replacement parts that are not Bosch original parts;

▪ Tools that have been modified or added to, and tools that have been fully or partially dismantled; as well as

▪ Slight deviations from the specified quality that do not affect the value and functionality of the Tool.

4. The warranty claim must be asserted within the warranty period. This requires the submission or sending of the complete Tool in question with a copy of the sales receipt, which must indicate the purchase date and the product designation, and, where applicable, the certificate, to the seller or to one of the after-sales service centres named in the Operating Instructions. If you elect to send the Tool to a seller or to an after-sales service centre, you shall bear the costs of transport and the transport risk.

5. Defects recognised by us as being covered by the warranty shall be corrected either by means of repair of the faulty Tool free of charge or by replacement with a Tool in perfect working order (this may possibly be a later model). Retained Tools or parts which a replacement has been provided shall become our property.

6. Claims other than the right to correction of defects in the Tool named in these warranty conditions are not covered by our warranty. In particular, you shall not be entitled to receive a replacement Tool for the duration of the repair.

7. Services provided under warranty do not lengthen or renew the warranty period for the Tool.

8. The assignment of rights covered by this warranty is excluded. This warranty does not apply to any used products purchased.

This warranty applies to Tools that are purchased within the European Union (including the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland) and used within this area. German law shall apply to this warranty to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Agreements concerning the International Sale of Goods (CISG). This choice of law shall not deprive you of the protection afforded to you by the provisions from which the law of the country in which you have your habitual residence may not derogate by agreement (favourability principle).


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