Improving where possible: Relaunch of Bosch Power Tools internet sites

New design – new technology: In the first year after the new Robert Bosch GmbH styleguide was approved, the Bosch Power Tools Division is putting its new internet sites online – beginning with the “Professional power tools” product world. From the adaptation of the group-wide styleguide to the market requirements for power tools, through to the technical implementation of all components, the complete relaunch has been done in record-breaking time and is now being introduced in numerous country versions in the relevant languages. The relaunch of further areas of Bosch Power Tools is already being planned.

Visitors will find the new design and layout of the pages easier to navigate through, and will find them more emotionally appealing.

More than an editing system: A node between Bosch Power Tools and its customers

Bosch uses a leading professional Content Management System for its editorial content. In addition to developing and implementing consistent page types, the relaunch also required extensions to the technical implementation of the system, e.g. for generating internet addresses optimised for the search engines.

Sophisticated product presentation

The country-specific product ranges are implemented with the required data (product information, graphics, videos and animations) using multimedia to provide the website visitor with the best product experience in terms of getting an overview and finding information.

The product presentations on the “Bosch Power Tools” website received the “Master of Excellence” in 2010, the highest accolade in the “22nd master award for members of the European masterclass”.

Bob Community – Social media in a new look

The “Bob Community” is a community for professional tradespeople that has already gone live in Germany and Russia. More than 55,000 users have already registered since 2009 to discuss tools, product launches or possible applications. The community is moderated by a Bosch team of experts in the relevant language.

Finding the right Bosch dealer

The comprehensive dealer locator for Bosch power tools is tailored to the website visitor’s needs according to the product world, and it is intended to find the nearest Bosch dealer as quickly as possible and in an efficient and uncomplicated way.

Service continues to be very important to Bosch

A comprehensive service area is now also being added in the course of the relaunch. From user manuals through to product leaflets, in this area you will be able to find everything about Bosch power tools and service topics of all kinds.

Improving where possible

Looks, user-friendliness, performance: Bosch Power Tools is entering the next phase of internet use with what is in many respects a future-oriented and user-oriented approach.

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