Bosch - Circular saw blades for plunge and hand-held circular saws


  • For clean cuts in non-ferrous metals such as aluminium. Also suitable for cutting plastics and epoxy, raw chipboard, acoustic panels, lightweight building panels, abrasive panel materials laminated on one or two sides, and fibre materials such as MDF and OSB boards. Microteq teeth for long lifetime.
  • Using the universal cutting oil 2 607 001 409 increases the lifetime several times when cutting in metal such as aluminium.
Technical data: Circular saw blades for plunge and hand-held circular saws
Outer diameter mm Bore size mm Status Width of cut (b1) mm / Base bl. thickness (b2) mm Number of teeth Tooth shape Max. rotation speed (RPM) Cutting result Pin hole/Pitch circle diameter Hook angle ° w1 Relief angle ° w2

Part number

PQ, pcs

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