Bosch - CYL-9 Multi Construction multi-purpose drill bits


  • Centring tip
    Active centring tip for active cutting in concrete
  • Fine grade high durable carbide
    Extra-long life/ Best wear resistance
  • 2-cutter, AWB brazing and hardening
    Diameter-optimised brazing and hardening technology to increase the robustness of the drill bit and reduce the vibration during drilling
  • Diamond-ground cutting edges
    Special ground tip enables multi-purpose drilling
  • 4-flute dura design
    Reinforced core section for better wear resistance and stability when drilling in concrete

CYL-9 Multi Construction multi-purpose drill bits

  • Suitable for practically all materials in interior fitting work, e.g. soft concrete, masonry, brick, light building materials, multi-layer materials, ceramics and tiles, wood, plastic, sheet metals, aluminium
  • Good results when drilling in tiles, metal and wood materials with or without impact
  • PGM guarantee in compliance with tight tolerances, exactly drilled holes and firm hold of fixings
  • Drill bit colour: blue, polished
  • CYL-9 Multi Construction multi-purpose drill bits
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