Bosch - SDS max-9 hammer drill bits Break Through


  • Fine grade high durable carbide
    Long lifetime/ Best wear resistance
  • 2-flute U-shape
    Standard lifetime/ Good dust removal
  • 3-cutter, vacuum brazing and hardening
    For fast breakthrough and good removal of large pieces
  • Long shank
    for breakthrough drilling

SDS max-9 hammer drill bits Break Through

  • Suitable for breakthroughs with diameters from 45 mm to 80 mm in concrete, masonry, limestone, e.g. for fixing cables and pipes outside
  • One-piece tool, bell shaped head with asymmetrically positioned carbide pins and centre cutter
  • Large-volume spiral flute, tapered shank
  • Note: Always ensure you use hammer drills with suitable capacity for breakthrough drill bits to avoid overload. Observe the operating instructions of the rotary hammer.
  • SDS max-9 hammer drill bits Break Through
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