Bosch - SDS plus-5 hammer drill bits


  • activeteq diameter ≤ 10 mm
    Active centring tip for active cutting in concrete
  • Highly durable carbide
    Good lifetime/wear resistance
  • Wear mark
  • 4-flute turbo design
    Patented 4-flute design to efficiently remove dust
  • 2-cutter, AWB brazing and hardening
    Diameter-optimised brazing and hardening technology to increase the robustness of the drill bit and reduce the vibration during drilling
  • Carbide relief grooves
    Special V-shaped design for faster dust transportation into the flute in order to prevent clogging at the base of the drilled hole. The visibility of the wear mark indicates if the diameter of the hole is still in tolerance for metal anchor setting

SDS plus-5 hammer drill bits

  • Suitable for masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Appropriate for all rotary hammers with SDS plus holder
  • SDS plus-5 hammer drill bits
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