Bosch - Tungsten carbide grinding heads for angle grinders


  • Carbide-coated grinding heads for a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for removing formwork protrusions on exposed concrete, residual concrete on formwork boards, adhesive residues on tiles, glass fibre plastic residues or thick layers of paint, machining limestone and curves on marble, cleaning small areas of protective coatings, shaping aerated concrete, hoof care for hoofed animals
  • Different grit layers – coarse, medium, fine – for perfectly coordinated working
  • All Bosch carbide grinding heads are individually balanced
Ideal for straightening or grinding glass fibre plastics
Ideal for smoothing formwork residues

Tungsten carbide grinding heads for angle grinders

  • Suitable for working in glass fibre plastics, aerated concrete, soft and hard wood, paints, varnishes, filler, rubber, cork, leather, plastics, sandstone, limestone
  • For hand-held angle grinders at maximum circumferential speed of 80 m/s (depending on rpm and disc diameter)
  • Note: Dust-free working with tool-free fitting Bosch extraction guard 2 605 510 107
  • Tungsten carbide grinding heads for angle grinders
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