Bosch Power Tools Innovation Portal

About the innovation portal

The innovation portal gives you the chance to take part in future developments at Bosch Power Tools.

Submit your own ideas or find solutions to specific assignments.


A new product only deserves to be called an innovation when it provides an improved or new benefit for the customer. This is why Bosch Power Tools works intensively to include customers and their requirements in the product development process.

With the Bosch Innovation Portal we are giving every user of power tools the chance to send us their specific ideas for improvements, solutions, concepts, inventions, industrial property rights applications and copyrights.

It goes without saying that placing your trust in us like this is based on clear, legal conditions. These are stipulated in the terms of use, which ensure that you retain the rights to your ideas and that said ideas are treated confidentially. This legal framework applies in the case of innovation proposals submitted in response to assignments posed by us, as well as innovation proposals submitted independently of such an assignment.

Requirements for your innovation proposal

  1. Your idea relates to our current product portfolio, which comprises handheld or benchtop power tools and their accessories, measuring technology and electrically powered garden tools. An overview of our range can be found at
  2. Your idea represents a new benefit or a new technical solution and not only describes a problem. It must be possible to implement the idea with currently available technology.
  3. Your idea is coherently described (in German or English) and sketched or illustrated. This applies to both the technical implementation and to the utilisation.
  4. We can only accept samples or prototypes after prior approval on our part.

You will definitely receive confirmation from us on receipt of your innovation proposal and a reply informing you of our decision. Please understand that this process may take a number of weeks. We cannot give detailed explanations as to why an idea has been rejected.

We look forward to receiving your creative ideas.

Your Bosch Power Tools Innovation Team