The 60-mm-long “Progressor for Wood and Metal” for deep holes in one step

The “Progressor for Wood and Metal” models are 50 percent longer than the standard holesaws on the market and enable deep holes to be drilled in one step, for example to feed ductwork and water pipes through wooden stud walls.

The 60-millimetre-long holesaws have a progressive tooth geometry, hence the name “Progressor for Wood and Metal”. Its tooth spacing increases in sections of six teeth each. This ensures a fast work rate and accelerated chip clearance. Eight percent of their bi-metal is a cobalt alloy, which makes the holesaws exceptionally tough and durable.

The range comprises 20 holesaws with diameters of 20 to 127 mm, including the standard dimensions of 25, 51, 68 and 83 for cables, pipes, sockets and junction boxes. The holesaws are available individually or in a set.

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