User-friendly drilling

SDS plus-5 drill bits from Bosch enable efficient work without annoying stalling and stopping

  • Grind concrete into fine dust
  • Reduce the risk of dust explosions
  • Provide a six percent longer lifetime than their predecessors

The SDS plus-5 drill bits from Bosch enable professionals to drill smoothly in concrete without stalling or stopping. They are the ideal accessory for professional rotary hammers between two and four kilograms. The rotary hammers are getting more and more powerful and conventional drill bits often struggle to cope with the increasing power of this rotary hammer class. They cannot remove the dust from the hole quickly enough. As a result, the hole becomes clogged, dust explosions can occur, and work is interrupted. Moreover, the drill bits wear down faster because of the enormous power of the new rotary hammer generations.

These aspects were incorporated into the development of the new SDS plus-5 drill bits, which has resulted in drill bits that provide a six percent longer lifetime than the tried-and-tested predecessors in the S4L series.

They are also exceptionally fast at removing dust, which reduces the risk of dust explosions to a minimum. This is made possible by the following bit features:

  • the “activeteq” active centering tip,
  • the special V-shaped design of the cutting edges for faster dust transportation into the flute,
  • the four-flute “turbo design” of the drill bit for efficient removal of the dust from the hole.

The “activeteq” active centering tip has been developed for active cutting in concrete. During drilling, the specially shaped cutting edges and angles grind the concrete into fine dust that is easier to move through the flute than was previously possible. The four-flute “turbo design” of the drill bit prevents clogging when the dust is removed from the hole. This makes it easier and more efficient to achieve the desired work result.

The SDS plus-5 drill bits from Bosch are available now at specialist retail outlets. They are available with diameters of between 3.5 and 26 millimeters and lengths of 50 to 400 millimeters. Discover our products

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