Highly robust-
The new Impact Control accessories from Bosch.

With the new Bosch Impact Control dill and screwdriver bits, the Impact accessories range is now complete

Impact Control Screwdriver Bit

The Impact Control Screwdriver Bit is highly robust and even withstands the high power of impact drivers. Its extended torsion zone makes the bit extremely sturdy for long-lasting work, whereas S2 Modified Steel and an optimized heat treatment process provide extra tough endurance for high performance. This product is perfect for heavy duty applications such as plant installations or heavy industry work. It has a 1/4-inch external hex shank for use with drill drivers, screw drivers and especially with impact drivers.

Impact Control HSS Twist Drill Bit

The Impact Control HSS Twist Drill Bit offers highly robust drilling in metal, especially with impact drivers. Its very strong body provides extreme robustness. The twist drill bit is ground from solid metal and has an oxide coated flute, giving it an excellent surface quality for slicing through materials with reduced wear. It is suitable for use on alloyed and non-alloyed steel, cast steel, cast iron, sintered iron, non-ferrous metals, sheet metals and plastics. This drill bit is compatible with a 1/4-inch hex shank system for universal use with drill drivers, impact drivers and drill stands.

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