«Expert for» circular saw blades. The record holders.

A new world record was set on 19 September 2015 thanks to the clean cuts provided by «Expert for» circular saw blades from Bosch.

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Bosch sets new world record in Stuttgart

The record was built with 2,623 individual chipboard mosaic pieces, involving over 500 tradespeople and using the Bosch “Expert for” circular saw blades.

Stuttgart, 19 September 2015 – 2,623 chipboards, 529 helpers, one huge football mosaic – Bosch set a world record at the annual “Handwerker Cup” (Tradespeople Cup) in Stuttgart. The wooden mosaic was built by a record-breaking number of people and forms a huge football consisting of 2,623 chipboards. The individual mosaic pieces were cut to size beforehand using “Expert for Laminated Panel” circular saw blades from Bosch. The official Guinness World Record is “Most people to contribute to a painted wooden block mosaic”.

At the “Handwerker Cup”, about 50 teams competed against each other in a 5-a-side football tournament.

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